Everfrost, is a land far to the south of any southern most place that you can find. It is a land said to be abandoned by Auril herself who left it as it's absolute frigidity was still not enough to sate her. It is a land where you are more likely to freeze solid before you have a chance to die. You may live forever but will be lost for longer in the eternal snowstorms of the land. Here, Heat itself is the greatest commodity and the people who live here will usually pay any price for it. What great hunters seek however is greater than heat. There are great beasts that roam these frozen wastelands. Some of which will fetch enough coin to keep a man rich for all his days and bring eternal glory to his family. If you can endure the unrelenting and uncaring cold. Between Yetis, Ice Hurricanes, and worse, just surviving to the next day will be a challenge.

Those Who Hunt - Folly in the Everfrost